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Gran Canaria News - best climate in the world, weather, beaches, shopping
Travelguide Gran Canaria: news, weather, information about beaches, shopping, interesting places and more. Please click on the links below.

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Gran Canaria - The Miniature Continent Island enthusiasts rave about the variety of landscapes that distinguish Gran Canaria as well as its fabulous climate. They call Gran Canaria the miniature continent. Visitors and locals can enjoy the generous diversity of lush, green forests, exotic animals and plants, grandiose expanses of sand dunes, bizarre mountain formations, volcanic craters, occasional snow on the highest mountain tops, fertile valleys, a dynamic capital city, beautiful coastlines and spectacular beaches. The canyons reaching all the way from the mountaintops of over 2,000 metres in height to the edge of the ocean are a spectacular attraction.

There is no other island that can offer such an exceptional diversity of unique landscapes. In fertile agricultural regions, valleys can be found that are beyond description and studded with banana trees. Steep and sharp cliffs fall straight into the sea in the west of the island, meagre plains cover the east, wooded highlands and bizarre mountain ranges with singular wilderness character mark the centre of the island. But there are also valleys with green meadows dotted with yellow dandelions and fragrant with the splendid perfume of almond trees that remind of Bavarian landscapes in Southern Germany. Golden-coloured, expansive sand beaches can be found primarily in the southern regions of the island.

The world-famous dunes of Maspalomas invite the visitor to long strolls on the finest golden-yellow sand. Those who love secluded, dreamy valleys can also find many possibilities in the south and the southwest of the island. Particularly noteworthy is the beach of GuiGui that can only be accessed by hiking for two hours on foot. One of the most beautiful beaches not only of Gran Canaria but also of the world is the city beach Las Canteras in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Tourists and locals often compare this beach with Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. As far back as Antiquity, Gran Canaria was called the Island of the Blessed not only because of its unique climate. The Gulf Stream regulates air and water temperatures and guarantees that the climate is pleasant, even in the winter months.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with its 400,000 inhabitants is the island capital. It is cosmopolitan and friendly with shopping malls in the historic part of the city, the most modern shopping centres in Europe and exciting, diverse nightlife.

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